Well, I can walk, my knee looks like it will be just fine, but I don’t know if I want to go down from the treetops anytime soon. http://ping.fm/evyPa


I woke up to sunlight pouring down through the tree tops but I can’t remember how I got here.http://ping.fm/4miza

http://ping.fm/ty6kf This is a faster way to get the word out that Arial is back and running. See what the haps are!

While I have been lost and struggling in the forest with Odette, it seems that the technical world of the internet has been invaded by small hairy goblins who have been eating up to much server memory. My IT guy tells me that a badly written widget installed on my site is constantly sending out and receiving information causing the general server to slow down causing everyone’s site to slow down.

Long story short, they suspended me. Here’s the thing, they want me to fix it but they refuse me access to the control panel to remove the offending widget (they don’t have a phone number to call, they only have a 24/7 live chat system, oh, and a ticket system to log technical problems). It’s a good thing that I can come to Arial’s page to get the word out that namecheap.com is giving me grief.

I’m hoping that namecheap.com will allow me back in to fix the leaky memory problem soon. Arial is not going to be happy with me when see finds out that her small, but loyal following of readers can’t find out whats been happening to the Kind One.

“Please remain on the line, an operator will be with you shortly…”

After weeks of starting over, I finally have the audio for the post Dusk to Dawn! Now maybe I can start on the older posts! http://ping.fm/JMNRf

I wonder how the Kind One is going to change back from the feline form she took on to get past Mrs. Shunner? http://ping.fm/LCtgc

It would be nice if I could type! That’s a bad thing for a writer to say!